Nasi Lemak @ Paramount reh-viewed!

28 10 2007

I knew abit this place a few years back, but never actually gave a hoot about it because I thought it was just another regular chapalang mamak by the roadside.

That was it, until recently when some fellow nasi lemak lovers decided that it was time to
get me out of the coconut shell that I have been living under all these years.

Where? Somewhere in the midst of Taman Paramount. Located directly next to the Maybank in front of the Shell petrol station. And if you don’t know where that is, try looking for a building which is actually a wet market in the morning. Should you get lost there, try looking for a big sign which says Restoran Sun Fatt Kee.
And IF you still don’t know where that is, go fug yourself.
Why? Stupendiously delicious food, served to you at a rather premium price. For what, I don’t know. Perhaps they are collecting money for some orphanage or something.
Someone enlighten me.

I don’t exactly know whether this mamak has a name, but for convenience sake, I shall call it mamak-di-luar-Restoran-Sun-Fatt-Kee. Hmm a little long, but WHO GIVES A HOOT??

Let’s have a look at what they have to offer the crew from criticallyacclaimed™!

1) Nasi Goreng Kambing…meekkk.

Ok, perhaps that wasn’t the best impersonation of a goat, but it should suffice.

Before you think of anything, let me say something first. DON’T LET IT’S LOOKS
For what you money is worth, this thing definitely hits the jackpot. Everyone kept saying
that the nasi goreng is damn nice, etc Mr.Simon decided to try the nasi goreng
kambing out.

See he eat also tersengih-sengih, evidently the dish is mmmmm…! And for those of you
that gave your Malay Language back to your teacher, tersengih-sengih is also known as..
um, crap…I think I gave mine back to my teacher as well.

Cooked together with a few variety of vegetables, eggs, meat and bla bla, this nasi goreng emitts a smooth fragrance that would even make Jackie Chan intrigued by it.
Upon putting a spoon full into your mouth, you’ll find that the rice is rather oily (can’t
possibly be healthy, but definitely nice) and tasty!
I can’t possibly describe it till much extent here. You simply have to try it yourself.
Price: RM 4.50 (Yeah, and I was like WTF?? Then I remembered it was goat…meekk)
Verdict: 8.3/10

2) Mee Goreng normal + Ayam BEST

Apparently, there are people who come here specially for the trademark chicken, so it’s no surprise to see a plate of (something) WITH chicken. According to Brian, ordered this
dish, he said “This is the best place to go wei! Next time we must come here again!”
Nuff said.
Maybe it contains alot of delicious MSG?
Price: RM5
Verdict: 7.5/10

3) Nasi Lemak

If you have payed close attention, you would’ve notice that there is an egg on every dish.
So next time if you open a mamak and don’t know how to decorate your food, you know
what to do now. Just cook up and egg and toss it over the dish so that it covers everything.
See, no need think so hard anymore.

As for this plate of sumptious nasi lemak, I would classify it under the ‘above average’ category. Nothing to shout about here. Apart from it being served fresh from the chef (the hot water vapour can really leave a stain on your glasses!), it taste more or less the same as the other good ones around. For those people that can’t take blazing hot sambal, this should be the one for you. I won’t say it’s not hot at all, but less in comparison with others.

Once again, you can always add on the ayam BEST side dish to complement the nasi lemak.

This little piece of hot chick costs RM2 each. Not bad eh, considering you get to touch some really sexy, sizzling hot thighs. Or you can even choose to place those warm breast meat next to your chest. And if you’re really getting into the mood, perhaps you can even stroke the brown tender skin with love and care.

Just becareful not to have some wild and vivid imaginations, you sicko.

Price: RM2.50 for nasi lemak biasa (Yes, by far the most expensive around.)




21 responses

28 10 2007

*dr00lz* .. XD

28 10 2007

ffk-er!! lol 😛

28 10 2007

where got ffk? i didn’t say i’m joining y’all for for nasi lemak at all, unlike the BF2 outing ok. wrong term used la, boon swee…tsk tsk

28 10 2007

oh so you admit you ffk BF2 outing la.. for that, next time you must organize BF2 outing, with one term… must make sure >10 ppl come… haahhaahha..

28 10 2007

hahaha…that place we call it Maybank mamak

cause its next to maybank.

used to go there after church. now church moved liao…so no more.

food there not bad lah. quite okay…just that i dont really favor dark places…how to see the food?

29 10 2007

in fact BF2 outing wasn’t really ffk cos it’s a case of priority, meeting with youth leader mah that time, ended later than expected haha

29 10 2007

w00t… nvm la… next time still you help us organize la.. thanks ah justin.. 😀

29 10 2007

prebet leo a.k.a Ngo-mM-Hai-Sochai called for a bf2 outing again this friday. wakakaka!
rebekah..dunnit see food, just eat only!! lol XD

30 10 2007

the place is so dark that your picture is not even clear?! lol.

30 10 2007

Daniel~~~ next BF2 outing after the 5th of November~ tell me when you organize another one~

30 10 2007

oh…okay boss. exams until the 5th is it?
kk next one then tell u lah XD

31 10 2007

cheh never say whose chicken it is……

31 10 2007

so postpone prebet ngo mm hai sochai’s call to arms to next week? or this week you still wanna go ?

31 10 2007

ahahah postpone to next week only lah! wait for more reinforcements in the form of calvin lol 😀
ok everybody, the chicken belongs to joshua! ok mouz??

1 11 2007

The place looks a bit shabby but i guess you can;t judge a food by how the place looks.

1 11 2007

its sea park btw, not paramount lol

1 11 2007

lol which one is it now..i tell joshua seapark, the fella say Wrong, with a capital W
and its paramount
now i pu tparamount, u pula say sea park..=.=

1 11 2007

haha. so that place is call Maybank mamak. w00t!

Daniel got pawned!

23 03 2008
17 11 2010

At least got some side dished. The most expensive that I have is at Kuchai Lama Wednesday night market. It’s called Nasi Lemak Nyonya.
With just standard rice, some fried onion and some sambal, without any ikan bilis, kacang or any other dishes, it cost at RM3.30.
Imagine if I order with other dishes …

6 06 2017

Dirty & chicken not well cooked

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