Restoran Lorong 100 Tahun reviewed!

21 10 2007

Joshua Chin brought Hoc Mun and I to try out this place in SS2. Some of you might have
probably heard of it, and some of you might have even tried it before.

It’s called the 100 years old lane. Or better known as ‘Restoran Lorong Seratus Tahun’.

Joshua decided to give us a treat because Hoc Mun wrote in his blog that he liked to eat curry mee. Wasai! Hoc Mun, next time you know what to do lah hor..please write that you like to eat sushi, seafood all those ok? 😀

Restoran Lorong 100 Tahun specialises in curry mee and stuff like that. Mee, kuey teow, name it.
Inside the restaurant, we were given little stool-like chairs to sit on. Perhaps to give us
the same feeling of sitting on stools by the roadside? I don’t know.

Did you know that the people serving in the restaurant thought that we were some food reviewers or something? Well that’s because we started snapping pics of the restaurant
from the outside in, including all their food, menus, etc.
The lady even gave us like special treatment and explain to us how to eat this and that and how to mix the sambal, bla bla.

Maybe it would be even cooler if we were all wearing the same shirt! XD

Like that sure get some super special treatment or perhaps people offering us free meals
to get some world-class review. *Cough*

1) Lorong 100 Tahun famous curry mee

We tried their supposedly famous curry laksa, which was their pride and joy.
However, perhaps it had just been given a little over too much credit. The soup was rather diluted and the taste of the santan wasn’t really there. Perhaps just a little, but not enough to give me the ‘kick’…get it?
What you can get here that you normally don’t get elsewhere is the cube-like pig’s blood.
Ugh, it sents a shrill down my spines and makes me shudder even by just thinking of it.
We agreed that this wasn’t the authentic Penang curry mee taste, and even the noodles weren’t those broader ones that were used in Penang. Evolution perhaps? You tell me.

Boasting a price tag of RM5, some might expect a little more satisfaction than this. I could get a better tasting curry laksa at some hawker center for less the price.
Rating: 6.5/10

2) Penang Lobak

Now this was much more decent. I developed a particular liking for the brown thingy. I
dont exactly know what you call it, but yeah…it’s the brown one. Even the textures of the ‘fu chuk’ and white tofu were rather delicate and once you put it into your mouth and start chewing, the taste just burst up like little droplets of joy and makes you feel like a small kid all over again.
Can’t remember the price though but I think it’s around RM7? Maybe Joshua can confirm this.
Rating: 7.8/10

3) Penang ‘Char Kuey Teow’

Nowadays you get all these people who comes along, opens up a shop and claiming their food
runs down from a long line of recipe that were passed on to them from their descendents
that exist all the way from Penang.
Which one is real and which one is not? If you ask me, I wouldn’t know either.
I used to think that Penang Char Kuey Teow and curry laksa was of something special where you need to travel hundreds of KM in order to eat it. Picture the Muslims going to Mekah for their once-in-a-lifetime (excursions?)

Same goes to the char kuey teow here. Albeit the fact that it is rather spicy, the texture of the kuey teow that they use here has a rather ‘smooth’ feel to it. They are rather
generous with the amount of ‘Lap Cheong’ as well, probably justified by its price?
But that still doesn’t make it different from the rest of the other Penang Char Kuey Teow stalls that could be found just down the road from here.

Perhaps someone will be smarter one day and decide to name his stall ‘Special PJ Char Kuey
Teow’ – now that might be something.

I guess Joshua liked it. Hoc Mun and I thought it was just another typical plate – nothing
outstanding that would make you jump out of your stool and hug each other like gays. Oops?
Rating: 6.3/10

With a combined bill of almost RM36, this certainly makes it one of the more expensive places
to dine. Trying it out once in a while is fine, but everyweek? You’re better off eating at the
hawker centers nearby. Unless of course, if you can afford it!




8 responses

22 10 2007

nicely done danielKHOO.!
Such a good reviewer.
Oh by the way, i like the t-shirt design!

Go for it! 😀

22 10 2007

Dude! have u made the shirt yet? Anyways, did U all tell the auntie that u guys weren’t “REAL” food reviewers n just food bloggers? Or did u guys continue the ruse to get more special treatment?
Good tactic BTW

22 10 2007

thx hoc…ahaha
and no step, haven’t made the shirt..after make then nobody buy…i telan all the shirt down my throat ar? haha
and we didn’t tell that we weren’t REal food reviewers la ahah..taking the opportunity to bask in the limelight
well, she didn’t ask anyway, so there wasn’t any need to tell XD

22 10 2007

aiyah after hocmun finish his exams i will take him eat the real good stuff at petaling st or section 17
and u guys can look at the sarawak version when i get back in november
droollah…..gila a lot of damn good sarawak laksa

25 10 2007

haha… wat la Critically Acclaimed! No market for ur shirts is it? SHould hire me, man! Soon to be a top-class market analyst! Best in Frankston and PJ! Since I know U since young, 23% discount la! heheh…

25 10 2007

Joshua> something else please. enough of curry mee.

25 10 2007

wow top class market analyst eh? chun chun.. maybe u would be interested in setting up a company with us (somewhere in the not too distant future) ahaha
got market but very small only. and paiseh rofl XD
hocmun..ppl belanja food still wan fussy!? hahah

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