We have moved!

23 08 2008

Hullo people, I don’t know if there are still people coming here…but anyhow I will still make this announcement. We have moved!

Yes, after a ‘short’ period of delay, we will finally launch our new site! Hopefully it isn’t much of a let down to u all.

You can find us at http://criticallyacclaimed.info.

Do change our links, for those of you who have our old link.



We are not dead.

5 06 2008

Contrary to believe, we are not actually a dead site. Not yet, at least.

Still trying to get our stuff sorted out, with designs and stuff. I’ve even change my gear from the CAOC (the lousy
camera, that is) to the CAOC2! And I can honestly say, it bloody  hell cost me a bomb.

And if you still don’t know, CAOC is CriticallyAcclaimed’s Official Camera.

Here are some shots from the new camera, the Canon Powershot SX100 IS. The only thing which I edited were the captions and brightness.

This is what I was previously using. The old Casio Exilim, which is very small and handy. Unfortunately, it
sacrifices portability for picture quality. I’m sure you would’ve notice that most of the pictures were below
average quality, yes?

This is my cat. I had to feed her in order to get her to be my model, and what a model she turned out to be!

And yes, I have more than one cat. In fact, I have four of them. But for today’s test shot, I could only manage
to get hold of two.

Aww, aren’t they cute? I know you want to take them home and squeeze them like your pillow, but you can’t!
They’re all mine! Mine!
But I’ll sell it to you for RM50 each.

As you can see, picture quality wise..alot of difference right compared to previously. Also very chun on my bank account loh!

Well, that concludes some test shots of my new camera. Hopefully can do even more better shots in the future.
In the mean time, sit back and wait for the new CA site to launch lar yeah? Sorry lah for taking so long 🙂

Malaysian Artiste For Unity – Here In My Home

25 05 2008

FREE DOWNLOAD this song and video at www.malaysianartistesforunity.info. This is a non-profit, non-partisan, independent project from Malaysians directly to Malaysians. Help us by embedding this video into your sites and blogs.

Featuring Jaclyn Victor, Suki, Daniel Lee, Jason Lo, Afdlin Shauki & many more.

CriticallyAcclaimed® Teaser Trailer

17 05 2008